Apple Arcade Goes Live in iOS 13 Beta, Here’s the Full List of Launch Titles

Apple Arcade Goes Live in iOS 13 Beta, Here’s the Full List of Launch Titles

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Up until this point in Apple’s beta versions of the upcoming iOS 13 launch, their new Apple Arcade service has its very own tab in the App Store but it’s only been a placeholder page thus far. That appears to be changing today with the service going live in the latest version of the iOS 13 beta for a number of users. I’m not currently running the beta of iOS 13 so, in light of this news, I’ll need to spend the rest of my day fiddling around with getting that working, because I’m too impatient to wait until iOS 13’s official launch this Thursday. With Apple Arcade starting to be out in the wild, that also means we have a glimpse at the titles that should be available with the official launch later this week, as noted by our sister site Macrumors. Here’s the full list:


  • Agent Intercept (PikPok)
  • Assemble With Care (usTwo)
  • ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree (Wildboy Studios)
  • Big Time Sports (Frosty Pop)
  • Bleak Sword (Devolver Digital)
  • Card of Darkness (Zach Gage)
  • Cat Quest II (The Gentlebros)
  • Cricket Through the Ages (Devolver Digital)
  • Dead End Job (Headup)
  • Dear Reader (Local No. 12)
  • Dodo Peak (Moving Pieces)
  • Don’t Bug Me! (Frosty Pop)
  • Dread Nautical (Zen Studios)
  • The Enchanted World (Noodlecake Studios)
  • Exit the Gungeon (Devolver Digital)
  • Explottens (Werplay Priv.)
  • Frogger in Toy Town (Konami)
  • The Get Out Kids (Frosty Pop)
  • Grindstone (Capybara Games)
  • Hot Lava (Klei Entertainment)
  • King’s League II (Kurechii)
  • LEGO Brawls (LEGO)
  • Lifeslide (Block Zero Games)
  • Mini Motorways (Dinosaur Polo Club)
  • Mutazione (Die Gute Fabrik)
  • Neo Cab (Surprise Attack Games)
  • Oceanhorn 2 (Cornfox & Bros)
  • Operator 41 (Shifty Eye Games)
  • Overland (Finji)
  • Over the Alps (Stave Studios)
  • Patterned (Borderleap)
  • The Pinball Wizard (Frosty Pop)
  • Projection: First Light (Blowfish Studios)
  • Punch Planet (Block Zero Games)
  • Rayman Mini (Ubisoft)
  • Red Reign (Ninja Kiwi)
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts (Annapurna)
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens (WayForward Technologies)
  • Shinsekai Into the Depths (Capcom)
  • Skate City (Snowman)
  • Sneaky Sasquatch (Rac7 Games)
  • Spaceland (Tortuga Team)
  • Speed Demons (Radiangames)
  • Spek. (Rac7 Games)
  • Spelldrifter (Free Range Games)
  • Stellar Commanders (Blindflug Studios)
  • Tangle Tower (SFB Games)
  • Tint. (Lykke Studios)
  • Various Daylife (Square Enix)
  • Way of the Turtle (Illusion Labs)
  • WHAT THE GOLF? (The Label)
  • Where Cards Fall (Snowman)
  • Word Laces (Minimega)

So ever since Apple Arcade’s initial unveiling back in March, Apple has stated that the service will feature more than 100 games as part of a paying subscription. What we weren’t sure of until now is if all 100 or so of those games would be available right away or not, and it appears that in reality roughly half of them will be there on day one. Apple has also said new games will make their way into Apple Arcade on a weekly basis, so we’ll probably be hitting that 100 mark and beyond before too long anyway. At the very least there is NO shortage of awesome stuff to play on day one, so if you’re on the iOS 13 beta bandwagon definitely sign up for the free one month trial to check it all out, and if not be sure to update to iOS 13 when it officially launches on Thursday to see what Apple Arcade has to offer.

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